Langerado Festival Cancelled. No Big Loss.

The Langerado Music Festival, South Florida’s answer to Bonnaroo, was cancelled last week due to slow ticket sales.  The festival, scheduled to take place March 6-8, was to feature such diverse acts as Death Cab for Cutie, Snoop Dogg, Chromeo, George Clinton, and Gym Class Heroes.

Organizers attribute the cancellation to the current economic crisis, but that is certainly only one factor of many.

The festival has had four different venues in its six-year history, and the 2009 event was to mark its fifth venue, Bicentennial Park in Miami.  Unlike last year, there was to be no on-site camping, and with Miami being such a popular destination, out-of-towners would have to drop another $500 or so just on hotels.

The lineup itself, while decent, was certainly not as impressive as previous years, or on par with rival festivals.  Last year’s headliners were REM, 311, and Beastie Boys.  This year’s Death Cab and Snoop Dogg just couldn’t hold a candle.  Granddaddy Bonnaroo, meanwhile, is set to feature Bruce Springsteen, Nine Inch Nails, and Phish.  California’s Coachella features Paul McCartney, the Killers, and The Cure.

2008 saw a record number of new festivals popping up all over the US, and whenever any market gets oversaturated, there are bound to be casualties.  Langerado is seen as something of a welcome-back party for festival season; here’s hoping it isn’t a canary in a musical coalmine.


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