Rams Head Internship


Rams Head Live offered up an internship open house today at 9am which I was fortunately able to attend, and hey, I think I interviewed pretty well!

All applicants were asked to bring a resume, their iPod, and a list of the last five concerts we went to.  My resume is pretty weak, but I actually DO have a sincere love for live music, and extremely eclectic musical taste, both of which are huge bonuses in their eyes.

They seemed impressed by my iPod (it’s hard not to smile when you see Paul Simon and Paul Wall on the same playlist!), and when they asked what shows I’ve seen at Rams Head, I was able to go off on a limitless list.

What seemed to impress them the most, though, was my knowledge of social media networking, how to use Twitter and Facebook for a business.  One of the interviewers said she didn’t understand Twitter, and that it just seemed like a constant Facebook status feed; I said she was right, but that people seem to like it anyway.

When I told them about my New Media class, I think that cemented the deal; I’m very sure I’ll be hearing back from them soon.  If it was a paid internship, I’d have to cut a royalty check to Stacy Spaulding.


One Response to “Rams Head Internship”

  1. I am really intrigued that they looked at your ipod as part of the interview! In fact, I’ve always thought that would be a great blog/newspaper feature. Good luck with the internship!

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