Talking Head Website Devoured By Sonar


I just noticed on Monday that the Talking Head’s website is no longer, and links directly to Sonar’s.

The Talking Head has had a pretty nomadic life, but on the rare occasions that it was a functioning venue, it has had its own website.  However, less than a year ago, the Head moved into the space previously occupied by Sonar’s lounge…that is to say, it is now just another room inside Sonar’s mini-kingdom, albeit one with its own entrance.  Usually.

Besides winning City Paper’s “Best Evacuation of 2008” Award, the move allowed for a more consolidated music experience; I’ve sauntered over from a Sonar main-stage show and been let in to the Head’s 37-capacity environs.  I’ve zipped through the hastily-constructed door between the two venues.  At Spank Rock‘s Christmas ’08 show, that door was open, making for a contiguous event.

However, the loss of the Head’s poorly-designed website is more consolidation than I like.  I liked their window-in-window obnoxiousness, double-scroll-bar-style.  I liked their descriptions of each band, complete with grossly over-sized pictures, and I liked their lack of a calendar-shaped calendar.

More than all that, I liked the distinction.  Sonar is getting too slick for my tastes…here’s hoping they don’t start booking good bands at the Head!


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