I Got the Internship!

Last Friday, I took an early-morning trip downtown to Rams Head Live where I was interviewed for a glamorous position as unpaid intern, along with 20-some other 20-somethings (well, actually they were mostly 19-21 I think, but I liked the wording so much…!).

Although observant headline-readers already know the punchline, I received the following email this morning:

This is Jami Medley from Rams Head live and I am contacting you to extend and invitation to become part of our team! Below I have detailed your responsibilities if you chose to accept.

1. University based show promotion:  flyering, postering, campus and local radio and newspaper liaison responsibilities, email collection, etc.
2. In-Venue Show Promotion at Rams Head Live, by schedule.  This will also consist of operating Rams Head Live booths at other shows.
3. Blogging and social networking:  Using online networks for promotion, finding music communities, bulletins, groups, etc.
4. Street Teaming: consists of flyering for events at various locations

5. Attend Friday morning marketing meetings at Rams Head Live to brainstorm and delegate tasks

We will hold our first marketing meeting this Friday (2/20) at 9:00am. Check out our calendar and bring ideas for any and all upcoming shows. Please contact me if you have any scheduling conflicts. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to call. The number for the office is [number removed] and my cell phone number is [number removed]. From here we will contact you on a case by case basis to organize promotional material pick-ups, street team events, and shows we would like to send you to.  Blogging and Networking is something you may start as soon as you like. Please send me a brief email with an activity report detailing what you do bi-weekly.  For every event you attend, such as flyering, booths, in-venue promotion and other venue promotion, we will put you on the guest list, plus one, for any show you would like to attend at Rams Head Live or Pier Six Pavilion(when we open up for the summer).

Hope to see you soon!

Jami Medley

Marketing Director

Rams Head Live

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about the opportunity to work my ass off for free.

Needless to say, I am not at all excited about having to be downtown at 9am every Friday, especially because Thursday nights I host my trivia show, at which I drink for free.  Free beers go down faster, and free beers cause the worst hangovers.

As I mentioned in my post last week, the interviewers were particularly interested in my thoughts on blogs and social networking; I have a feeling they’ll be utilizing me mostly as a social networking expert, which is not something I’m super-cool with, but it could definitely be an interesting experience.

The email was addressed to me and two other people, so presumably there were three interns accepted into the program.  Here’s hoping they’re cool.


3 Responses to “I Got the Internship!”

  1. erica plummer Says:

    That is great Dillon, i love that venue! I’m really short, but if i stand on the left side of the stage, i can always see 🙂 Do you know anything about that santigold show coming up 5/31? It says she’ll be at ram’s head on her myspace, but there’s nothing on the site yet? good luck with the internship!

  2. dillonator Says:

    you KNOW im at that show…not only is santigold (santo? santi?) playing, Amanda Blank is opening for her! definitely get there in time to see her, she’s this nasty little white chick that makes lil kim sound like hannah montana.

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