Celebration Concert Review

I really need to remember to bring my camera to concerts.

I like to take pictures of concerts; they usually turn out poorly, but I like to look through old concert photos just to remember the shows in general.  And that’s all well and good…

But there are times, like last night’s show at the Wind Up Space, where I feel like posting a photo would make a huge difference to the overall post.  The silhouette of Celebration singer Katrina Ford, tambourine held aloft, crackling fireplace projected onto the wall behind her, was more memorable than any of her lyrics.  I suppose I’ll browse Flickr

I first discovered Celebration last year by mistake.  I went to see Dragons of Zynth, who I suspected would be cool live (I suspected wrong), and wound up drinking beers in a parked car for half the set.  For some reason, despite not enjoying either the Dragons or opening act Lexie Mountain Boys, I decided to check out the headliner, just in case.

I fully expected another band who put more effort into costumes than melody, but was pleasantly surprised by the catchy, atmospheric sounds coming from the Baltimore three-piece; hearing they were playing again last night, I felt like I had to see how they’ve progressed.

Their first two albums were produced by TV on the Radio‘s Dave Sitek, and their new material has the same sorts of sounds: vaguely tribal rhythms (they’ve collaborated with latin-afrobeat giants Antibalas) backing Ford’s wail.  She is often compared to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs‘ Karen O, which may be well-earned, and may be how they lured in collaborator Nick Zinner.

That being said, Celebration continues to defy classification, with an hour-long set of songs that evoke the soundtrack of Hell, or maybe an escape from Hell…or maybe that’s just the fireplace talking.


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