Devlin’s Newest Mix


Ok, so I admit it, I’m a little behind the times on this one…like, almost three weeks behind the times.  Think of me as a musical safety net more than your spotter at the music gym; I’m not there to catch you this instant, but I will, eventually…after a few harrowing seconds.

Anyway.  Local DJ, producer, and sometime party-promoter Devlin (of Spank Rock and Devlin & Darko’s Baltimore Bass Connection) recently put out a new mix for on his blog.  It’s eclectic as all hell, which is to be expected.

Just check out the playlist below, and then download the thing even belower.  My favorite cuts are the Raul Seixas opener (I’m as into Brazilian psychedelia as I feel comfortable admitting) and the glammer-than-thou T. Rex track near the end…wow.  He also shouts out Baltimore-bred freak-rockers Animal Collective, which is respect.

Raul Sexias – Mosca no Sopa
Niel Diamond – Delerious Love
Willie Hutch – Tell me Why Has our Love Turned Cold
Animal Collective – My Girls
Noze – Love Affair
Gary Bartz – Funked up
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Ritual #1
INTERLUDE 1 of tomany
Whole Lotta Love – C.C.S.
Whole Lotta Love – Dennis Coffey
La Gringa Inga – Ingles En Un 2×3
Selda – Ince Ince (Devlin_Edit)
Selda(w/kardslar) – Nem Kaldi (Devlin Remix)
Super Eagles – Love is a Real thing
duction – intro
T.Rex – Cosmic Dancer
The Rah Band – Messages From The Stars
Ariel Goodman Weston – clean underwear
The Outcasts – Loving You Sometimes

(tracklist courtesy of Devlin. sic all over the place)

Give it a shot.  Neil Diamond is good for the soul.


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