Kimya Dawson @ 2640 Space tonight (3/06) $10


Achieving fame with her contributions to the soundtrack of snarky-sweet InstaClassic Juno, Kimya Dawson has since become the poster mom for flatulent children’s music with her album Alphabutt.

Sounding like a drunken Laurie Berkner, Dawson had previously been in indie-folk acts Moldy Peaches and Antsy Pants, and collaborated with Regina Spektor and Third Eye Blind, among others.  Alphabutt, however, sees Dawson going from child-like music for adults to adult-themed music for children.

Though she was featured on only 8 of Juno’s 19 songs (9 if you count Michael Cera and Ellen Page’s cover of “Anyone Else But You”), Dawson has become synonymous with the Billboard #1 album, and with good cause; musical director Mateo Messina said that he was “trying to capture the Kimya Dawson vibe,” in writing the score.

He seems to have achieved his goal, using not only works from Dawson’s two bands and solo albums, but the most Dawsonian songs by Velvet Underground and Belle & Sebastian he could find, as well as similarly cutesy original compositions.

So, her tidal wave of fame brings her to non-venue 2640 Space, the after-hours name for Charles Village’s St. John’s Church, as curated by Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse, headlining for local acts 1602 Destructure St. and Beans.  Doors are at 7:30, so I’m guessing she’ll go on around 10:00 or so.  It’s only $10.  Bring your kids and a sense of humor.


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