Death Set @ Ottobar tonight (3/13) $10


For those of you not interested in getting silly with Gregg Gillis, may I offer an alternative?  Or, if you’re feeling sassypants, an afterparty?

The Death Set, formerly of Baltimore, and before that Australia, will be making the trek from distant Philadelphia to destroy their old stamping grounds with their unique mix of snot-nosed punkisms and electronic bleep-bloop-itudes.

Also, I often see “Death Set” in the same sentence as “spazzy.”

Expect to be eye-to-eye with the ground-level pounders.  Expect to drape your arms around Beau Velasco and Johnny Siera and sing along to “Around the World.”  Expect to have a good time.

They were Baltimore City Paper’s Best Live Band of 2007.  UK’s NME magazine called them the “#1 biggest hope of the future.”

They’re coming home.  Buy ’em a Boh.

Opening are similarly-minded noise rockers Team Robespierre, hip-hopping Death Set remixers Ninjasonik, poorly-named New Yorkers Cerebral Ballzy, and upbeat party maestro Totally Michael.

Sidenote: I totally love Totally Michael.  He’s like Andrew W.K., but without all the yelling.  His songs are about birthday parties, 90’s computer games, and high school clique rivalries (but in a good way!).  He makes smiles.  He’s a machine, you input corny keyboard hooks, he outputs smiles.


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