EOTO at Hour Haus 3/24 $20 ALL YOU CAN DRINK (BYOB optional)


Michael Travis and Jason Hann formed EOTO (rhymes with Kyoto) after the semi-dissolution of their previous band, jam-scene heavyweights String Cheese Incident.

While SCI has always had a foot in the electronic door, their music tended to gravitate more towards funky bluegrass, towards country jazz…EOTO all but forsakes that tradition in favor of a percussive jamtronic beatstorm, taking the audience down a fully-improvised rabbit hole.

This, in fact, is what makes EOTO so unique. SCI never shied away from improvisation, of course, but EOTO takes the “jam” concept one step further: all music is put together the night of, live in front of you.  It is mastered, mixed, and remixed, as  it is being created.  This is the sort of collaboration only two masters of their trade could pull off, and even then only with years of working with, and off, each other.

Hann was a late addition to SCI, supplementing Travis as an auxiliary percussionist, as Travis had already been pushing envelopes as drummer for the group…and I use the word “drummer” loosely, as he is known for experimenting with as many styles and percussors as he could find.  He must be excited to get to perform with guitars, bass etc.

Opening are locals Segway and Stushido; I’ve heard good things about Segway, and nothing about Stushido, but don’t let that turn you off.  Performing in between sets is dubstep DJ Marm0set, and hey, if you get hungry, Joe Squared is right next door, and they have some of the most interesting pizzas you’ll find in Baltimore…not to mention a fabulous beer selection.


One Response to “EOTO at Hour Haus 3/24 $20 ALL YOU CAN DRINK (BYOB optional)”

  1. brianheisler Says:

    EOTO will be playing with Kyle Hollingsworth of SCI in Chicago on 4/10.

    Check out Kyle’s new blog:


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