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How do you like the new banner?

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I just added a new banner to the site because, frankly, it looked like shit before.  Amateurish may be a better word.  What do you think?  The flag is pretty self-explanatory; it should’ve taken about 6 minutes to make, but maryland flagwound up taking me about 3 hours because I suck with Photoshop.  I was considering making the red & yellow bits crossed quarter notes, so it would look more like the original flag, but decided against it.  I think it looks good, but maybe less obviously Maryland.  Thoughts?

The tagline, I’m kind of iffy about.  “Because you’ve never even heard of those guys” is a fairly good middle ground between explanatory and catchy, but I’m not convinced yet.  I was also considering “…that band,” but it doesn’t have the same ring to it; “them” is probably less explanatory AND less charming.

“Your guide to upcoming shows in the Baltimore area” ?

“I watch youtube so you don’t have to!” ?

There are lots of options.  I’ll never be satisfied.

As for the text color, originally it was that same ugly mustard yellow as the flag, which I liked, but it doesn’t match well with the rest of the site’s orange text.  I guess I could make the banner that mustard, and the text black…but I fear the mustard only works well in small doses.

Finally, flag placement.  I put it on the left, but it looks silly to have the text all the way over on the right side.  I tried putting a flag on each side and the text in the middle but it didn’t work out, and I thought about putting two-three flags in a row, and the text at the top, but that also didn’t appeal.  Does the side-heavy picture draw your eyes off?  I think I’m going to move it to the right, see what happens.

I’d really appreciate some feedback, I’ve never done this kind of thing before and I feel like a chump.


Devlin’s Newest Mix

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Ok, so I admit it, I’m a little behind the times on this one…like, almost three weeks behind the times.  Think of me as a musical safety net more than your spotter at the music gym; I’m not there to catch you this instant, but I will, eventually…after a few harrowing seconds.

Anyway.  Local DJ, producer, and sometime party-promoter Devlin (of Spank Rock and Devlin & Darko’s Baltimore Bass Connection) recently put out a new mix for on his blog.  It’s eclectic as all hell, which is to be expected.

Just check out the playlist below, and then download the thing even belower.  My favorite cuts are the Raul Seixas opener (I’m as into Brazilian psychedelia as I feel comfortable admitting) and the glammer-than-thou T. Rex track near the end…wow.  He also shouts out Baltimore-bred freak-rockers Animal Collective, which is respect.

Raul Sexias – Mosca no Sopa
Niel Diamond – Delerious Love
Willie Hutch – Tell me Why Has our Love Turned Cold
Animal Collective – My Girls
Noze – Love Affair
Gary Bartz – Funked up
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Ritual #1
INTERLUDE 1 of tomany
Whole Lotta Love – C.C.S.
Whole Lotta Love – Dennis Coffey
La Gringa Inga – Ingles En Un 2×3
Selda – Ince Ince (Devlin_Edit)
Selda(w/kardslar) – Nem Kaldi (Devlin Remix)
Super Eagles – Love is a Real thing
duction – intro
T.Rex – Cosmic Dancer
The Rah Band – Messages From The Stars
Ariel Goodman Weston – clean underwear
The Outcasts – Loving You Sometimes

(tracklist courtesy of Devlin. sic all over the place)

Give it a shot.  Neil Diamond is good for the soul.

I Got the Internship!

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Last Friday, I took an early-morning trip downtown to Rams Head Live where I was interviewed for a glamorous position as unpaid intern, along with 20-some other 20-somethings (well, actually they were mostly 19-21 I think, but I liked the wording so much…!).

Although observant headline-readers already know the punchline, I received the following email this morning:

This is Jami Medley from Rams Head live and I am contacting you to extend and invitation to become part of our team! Below I have detailed your responsibilities if you chose to accept.

1. University based show promotion:  flyering, postering, campus and local radio and newspaper liaison responsibilities, email collection, etc.
2. In-Venue Show Promotion at Rams Head Live, by schedule.  This will also consist of operating Rams Head Live booths at other shows.
3. Blogging and social networking:  Using online networks for promotion, finding music communities, bulletins, groups, etc.
4. Street Teaming: consists of flyering for events at various locations

5. Attend Friday morning marketing meetings at Rams Head Live to brainstorm and delegate tasks

We will hold our first marketing meeting this Friday (2/20) at 9:00am. Check out our calendar and bring ideas for any and all upcoming shows. Please contact me if you have any scheduling conflicts. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to call. The number for the office is [number removed] and my cell phone number is [number removed]. From here we will contact you on a case by case basis to organize promotional material pick-ups, street team events, and shows we would like to send you to.  Blogging and Networking is something you may start as soon as you like. Please send me a brief email with an activity report detailing what you do bi-weekly.  For every event you attend, such as flyering, booths, in-venue promotion and other venue promotion, we will put you on the guest list, plus one, for any show you would like to attend at Rams Head Live or Pier Six Pavilion(when we open up for the summer).

Hope to see you soon!

Jami Medley

Marketing Director

Rams Head Live

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about the opportunity to work my ass off for free.

Needless to say, I am not at all excited about having to be downtown at 9am every Friday, especially because Thursday nights I host my trivia show, at which I drink for free.  Free beers go down faster, and free beers cause the worst hangovers.

As I mentioned in my post last week, the interviewers were particularly interested in my thoughts on blogs and social networking; I have a feeling they’ll be utilizing me mostly as a social networking expert, which is not something I’m super-cool with, but it could definitely be an interesting experience.

The email was addressed to me and two other people, so presumably there were three interns accepted into the program.  Here’s hoping they’re cool.

Talking Head Website Devoured By Sonar

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I just noticed on Monday that the Talking Head’s website is no longer, and links directly to Sonar’s.

The Talking Head has had a pretty nomadic life, but on the rare occasions that it was a functioning venue, it has had its own website.  However, less than a year ago, the Head moved into the space previously occupied by Sonar’s lounge…that is to say, it is now just another room inside Sonar’s mini-kingdom, albeit one with its own entrance.  Usually.

Besides winning City Paper’s “Best Evacuation of 2008” Award, the move allowed for a more consolidated music experience; I’ve sauntered over from a Sonar main-stage show and been let in to the Head’s 37-capacity environs.  I’ve zipped through the hastily-constructed door between the two venues.  At Spank Rock‘s Christmas ’08 show, that door was open, making for a contiguous event.

However, the loss of the Head’s poorly-designed website is more consolidation than I like.  I liked their window-in-window obnoxiousness, double-scroll-bar-style.  I liked their descriptions of each band, complete with grossly over-sized pictures, and I liked their lack of a calendar-shaped calendar.

More than all that, I liked the distinction.  Sonar is getting too slick for my tastes…here’s hoping they don’t start booking good bands at the Head!

Rams Head Internship

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Rams Head Live offered up an internship open house today at 9am which I was fortunately able to attend, and hey, I think I interviewed pretty well!

All applicants were asked to bring a resume, their iPod, and a list of the last five concerts we went to.  My resume is pretty weak, but I actually DO have a sincere love for live music, and extremely eclectic musical taste, both of which are huge bonuses in their eyes.

They seemed impressed by my iPod (it’s hard not to smile when you see Paul Simon and Paul Wall on the same playlist!), and when they asked what shows I’ve seen at Rams Head, I was able to go off on a limitless list.

What seemed to impress them the most, though, was my knowledge of social media networking, how to use Twitter and Facebook for a business.  One of the interviewers said she didn’t understand Twitter, and that it just seemed like a constant Facebook status feed; I said she was right, but that people seem to like it anyway.

When I told them about my New Media class, I think that cemented the deal; I’m very sure I’ll be hearing back from them soon.  If it was a paid internship, I’d have to cut a royalty check to Stacy Spaulding.

Langerado Festival Cancelled. No Big Loss.

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The Langerado Music Festival, South Florida’s answer to Bonnaroo, was cancelled last week due to slow ticket sales.  The festival, scheduled to take place March 6-8, was to feature such diverse acts as Death Cab for Cutie, Snoop Dogg, Chromeo, George Clinton, and Gym Class Heroes.

Organizers attribute the cancellation to the current economic crisis, but that is certainly only one factor of many.

The festival has had four different venues in its six-year history, and the 2009 event was to mark its fifth venue, Bicentennial Park in Miami.  Unlike last year, there was to be no on-site camping, and with Miami being such a popular destination, out-of-towners would have to drop another $500 or so just on hotels.

The lineup itself, while decent, was certainly not as impressive as previous years, or on par with rival festivals.  Last year’s headliners were REM, 311, and Beastie Boys.  This year’s Death Cab and Snoop Dogg just couldn’t hold a candle.  Granddaddy Bonnaroo, meanwhile, is set to feature Bruce Springsteen, Nine Inch Nails, and Phish.  California’s Coachella features Paul McCartney, the Killers, and The Cure.

2008 saw a record number of new festivals popping up all over the US, and whenever any market gets oversaturated, there are bound to be casualties.  Langerado is seen as something of a welcome-back party for festival season; here’s hoping it isn’t a canary in a musical coalmine.

Hey whats up guys.

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Hello, blogosphere!

First of all, I’d like to introduce myself.  My name is Dillon, I’m 25 years old, and I live a double life.  By day, I’m a mild-mannered preschool teacher…but in the deepest cover of afternoon, I’m a mild-mannered student at Towson University!  I usually sleep at night.

Second, I’d like to apologize for calling you a blogosphere.  I didn’t mean that.  I’m sorry.  You’re not a blogosphere.

This blog is going to be primarily addressing live music and local (Baltimore-based) bands, and at time, even local bands playing live locally…but what are the odds of a Baltimore band playing in Baltimore?

There are, of course, already several blogs addressing the same topics as this one, most notably Aural States and The Baltimore Taper, but I hope to add a new perspective.  Both of these blogs are, of course, extremely impressive, but also somewhat specific: Aural States focuses almost exclusively on indie rock, while the Taper’s focus is audio recordings of live concerts.  Both important facets of a scene, but neither comprehensive.

I do not wish to be comprehensive.  This would be beyond me.  But I will offer a new voice to the dialog.  I hope you like it.