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Girl Talk @ Loyola Friday 3/13 $20

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Mash-up maestro Girl Talk will take over Loyola College Friday night at 9PM as part of the school’s “Late Night” program.

Needless to say, this is probably the only remotely interesting thing going on as part of the school’s “Late Night” program.

There is also a Loyola Battle of the Bands earlier that evening, which is, of course, part of the school’s “Late Night” program.

Is anyone interested in karaoke?  There is a monthly karaoke event at Loyola, as part of the school’s “Late Night” program.

Pittsburgh native Girl Talk, née Gregg Gillis,  sounds like DJ Z-Trip stopped taking his meds, started listening to Dem Franchise Boyz, and began bathing in a mixture of glow-stick juice and Red Bull.  His epileptic live shows are the stuff of phosphorescent legend, having converted throngs at Bonnaroo, Langerado, Virgin Festival, as well as more intimate locations, such as October’s sold-out show at Sonar.

Specializing in smushing a dozen or more tracks into three minutes of music, Girl Talk blends as wide a variety of songs as you’ll find anywhere.  I won’t waste my time providing examples;  you name it, he’s set it to a Phil Collins beat and interspersed it with Mike Jones lyrics.

Unfortunately, what could have been the crowning moment in his awesomely absurd (absurdly awesome?) career fell through last July.  His live collaboration with Baltimore’s King of Hipster Cool Dan Deacon and Spank Rock, Crown Prince of, I dunno, Vaginas? was cancelled due to the weather/police.   The one-time-only supergroup, dubbed Who Is the Tunafish Man?, was to play Whartscape’s 2:00AM (read 4:00AM) set, but a lack of permits shuttered them, as well as Cex and DJ Dog Dick.

Only four months later, Girl Talk’s Harvard University gig was cut short due to safety concerns. Hopefully, Loyola kids are a little more respectful.

But not too much more.

Hey, look!  The coolest professor in the world!

By the way, much respect goes out to Loyola’s SGA.  Not only did they book Girl Talk, a bit of a risk for a college, they had Lupe Fiasco play there in the Fall, and Citizen Cope is set to play the annual Loyolapalooza in the Spring.

When I was in college, the biggest event of four years was Nappy Roots, and Loyola gets Girl Talk.  As part of the school’s “Late Night” program.