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Richie Havens at Rams Head OnStage 3/22 $35

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He was the first act to play Woodstock.

Isn’t that rad?

He replaced Mary Travers, and formed Peter, Paul, and Richie.

That’s kinda weird actually…but still kinda rad.

The good news is, Richie Havens is coming to Rams Head in Annapolis on Sunday.

The bad news is, at some point in the 40 years since Woodstock, he got fake teeth.

Havens achieved worldwide notoriety following his  encore-laden performance at that New York farm; though he was mostly known for his song covers (most notably Bob Dylan or the Beatles), after he ran out of songs, he improvised the now-anthemic “Freedom,” based on the slave spiritual “Motherless Child.”  That spur-of-the-moment stomper became one of the songs that defined Woodstock; some would say an entire generation.

Now almost 70, Havens continues his storied career.  With 28 albums behind him, he’s performed at 1969’s Isle of Wight, the first Glastonbury Festival in 1970, and numerous other groundbreaking festivals; he performed at President Clinton’s inauguration; he’s starred in several films and plays, including the original production of the Who’s Tommy; and is one of only two performers to be asked to perform on two consecutive nights by Johnny Carson (the other was Barbra Streisand, of course).

I’m curious as to how many people at Sunday’s show saw him perform 39 years, 7 months, 8 days, 2 hours, and 23 minutes earlier.

If you didn’t, relive it below…